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Nicole Solis-Sison
Los Angeles, California

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Hi, my name is Nicole Solis-Sison, host of Undocuhoneys. Undocuhoneys is a podcast inspired the undocumented immigrant community I am a part of and co-founded called the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective. The Undocumented Filmmakers Collective is an organization comprised of editors, photographers, videographers, writers, storytellers, who all happen to have the same experience of being silenced as undocumented immigrants. We founded the collective to be able to create a creative community to uplift our work, our stories and create it for us and by us. As a previously undocumented and current dacamented immigrant, the way we cope and heal is through storytelling. 2020 has been a rollercoaster for all of us, but particularly if you were undocumented or dacamented immigrant, it was a year of emotional and political manipulation at its finest with the Trump Administration. Interestingly enough, I created this podcast as a support group - many who I interview are my friends but also strangers for our love lives instead of the current state of the political climate. The thing is, being undocumented or dacamented doesn’t mean that is the only identity we navigate. We, in fact, are needing and wanting conversations about well what else other than love, romance, and the drama of it all that comes with being who we are - immigrants. Our status takes a toll on our love lives and pushes our relationships - both platonic and romantic ones into realms that we never thought it would go. Here, on this podcast, I want to provide a safe space for us to discuss all about love without judgement. This is my love letter for my community that has taught me to open up, to trust and to lead with love time and time again. This season is "All About Love" and how we navigate that in our relationships inspired by Bell Hooks. Join me for each episode where we talk about the complexities of undocumented and dacamented relationships. Welcome, to the world of Undocuhoneys.

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If I win, I will create a short film 3-5 mins that will serve to be the trailer for my podcast, Undocuhoneys coupled with editorial photographs of my interviewees of season one. I will prompt them the question - "how do you feel when you feel loved?" and visually translate it in video and photographs. I will also make sure that the subjects, the creators, down to the editors in post will all be a part of the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective. A production like this has never been made - mainly because most people exclude us as creators and instead use our stories to profit rather than including us in the production and as the centerpiece of the creation and narrative.

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What is Space for Change?

Peerspace is on a mission to bring people together. We believe it is impossible to achieve that goal unless we also fight for equality and access to resources in the communities we serve.

Having a space to gather, create, and exchange ideas is an important part of any movement. In order to magnify voices that are often quieted, Peerspace will sponsor venues for people who challenge prejudice and fight for social justice and equality.

Each quarter, we will sponsor space for three projects that are relevant to our community. These projects can range from fundraisers and educational initiatives to art exhibits and photo series.

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