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In the Visible

Lucia Tran
Los Angeles

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We are working on an Asian American PSA in Los Angeles, and I am producing the short film. It'll be about 2-3 minutes long. The Brief: "In The Visible," a short film by director Natasha Lee and producer Lucia Tran, dismantles Asian American stereotypes and the model minority myth through storytelling in the words of the community members themselves. Contrary to popular belief and representations, Asians do not belong to a monolithic culture and we’re loud as hell. Hear us roar.// We will feature 10-12 subjects sharing their very different Asian American experience - we have 2 Japanese Americans who are internment camp survivors, a Cambodian genocide refugee who came here in the 70s with $6 in his pocket, Joy Cho - a Thai American woman who made a living out of art, Benjamin Holtrop - an adopted Taiwanese American who is also LGBTQIA+. We should have about 2-3 celebrities also included.

How they'll use their space

We'd be using the space to film the different subjects. We have a set design in mind, and would be ready to go!

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What is Space for Change?

Peerspace is on a mission to bring people together. We believe it is impossible to achieve that goal unless we also fight for equality and access to resources in the communities we serve.

Having a space to gather, create, and exchange ideas is an important part of any movement. In order to magnify voices that are often quieted, Peerspace will sponsor venues for people who challenge prejudice and fight for social justice and equality.

Each quarter, we will sponsor space for three projects that are relevant to our community. These projects can range from fundraisers and educational initiatives to art exhibits and photo series.

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