Peerspace / Space for Change / December 2020

Black Womxn Healing Podcast

Donika Brown & Myra Hollis
Inglewood, CA

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Black Womxn Healing Podcast is a safe space hosted by two Marriage and Family Therapist’s navigating the mental health field and the mental health world. Using their real-life experiences and expertise as professionals, this Podcast will take you on a journey that starts and/or continues our viewer's healing. We bring realness and the work to do.( H-E-A-L-I-N-G) the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.Black Womxn Healing Podcast would like to host Black Womxn Healing Circle. This healing event will utilize a range of different mini workshops to focus on exploring healing modalities for our guests to start and/or continue their healing journey's. The purpose of this circle is to provide a space for Black feminine centered individuals to build, grow, explore identities, promote positive and healing within self and other black womxn. Mini workshops include mindfulness meditation, strategic use of affirmations, and healing through writing. Historically, Black Womxn have been expected to help and support everyone else and all of these workshops help to revive, rejuvenate and bring awareness to the needs of Black Womxn. This event will embody social justice and equity for our guests to be able to authentically show up and learn skills to take back to their communities and loved ones.

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December 2020
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