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Chanita Christmas

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Controlled by bias, influenced by oppression, and driven by privilege, the Tech industry continues to fail Black people. 
Every day, a Black person goes to work, signs in to Slack, or has a Zoom meeting, not seeing anyone who looks like them. But how do you solve for industry-wide harm? 
Community. We all need that space to learn and grow in a psychologically safe atmosphere. That's where Melanin.Tech comes in. Melanin.Tech is an online hub to join communities with an aligned focus on the personal and professional advancement of Black people within the technology industry. 
We are here to unite, inform, and encourage Black professionals who either work in the tech industry or aspire to do so. Our mission is to cultivate a close-knit hub, provide a safe space, and accelerate the Black tech ecosystem's growth. We will do this in the interest of our shared identity and a shared sense of purpose that serves the individual, the whole community of Black people in the tech industry, and the companies that employ us.
Our pillars of impact are Development, Diversity, Education, and Black Liberation.Why am I qualified? Because for so long, I have been turned down from jobs and promotions while being told I was underqualified. And while that may have been true in a few cases, not this one. As a Black Queer woman in a white male-driven industry, I am my own customer. I have lived this. 
It takes a village, right? I'm here to bring that village together.

How they'll use their space

It's been a long time since the community has had the opportunity to gather and learn together. With so many people out of work, I plan to use the space for a resume writing workshop and "How to break into tech" panel with some incredible Black tech professionals. We'll teach people how to revamp those resumes and maximize their "soft skills" to obtain the position that desire, even without experience in the industry. And as always, we'll have our photographer on deck to take headshots!

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What is Space for Change?

Peerspace is on a mission to bring people together. We believe it is impossible to achieve that goal unless we also fight for equality and access to resources in the communities we serve.

Having a space to gather, create, and exchange ideas is an important part of any movement. In order to magnify voices that are often quieted, Peerspace will sponsor venues for people who challenge prejudice and fight for social justice and equality.

Each quarter, we will sponsor space for three projects that are relevant to our community. These projects can range from fundraisers and educational initiatives to art exhibits and photo series.

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