Peerspace / Space for Change / December 2020

I Don't Support Everybody (from developing EP 'Call Me Blossom')

Brittaney Delsarté
New York, New York

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I am a Black woman, an artist with Southern, Nigerian and Creole roots. I demand my rightful place on the stage and screen. I demand that my voice be heard. I have a relentless pursuit for excellence and I am talented as f***, and yet, I am not made to feel good enough by white oppressors, white supremacists, and even those from my own community, the Black community.

I experience cultural trauma passed along by my ancestors who received it from 400 years of white supremacist oppression. I carry the psychological and generational trauma dating back to slavery and then Jim crow and then segregation. Time and time again, this nation has shown BIPOCS that we are afforded such a small degree of humanity and that we are undeserving of reparations so why should I sympathize white guilt?

On the other hand, this trauma has pitted Black people against each other. For example, Black men do not seem to understand that while Black women have always held space for them, they do a poor job of protecting us. Many of them disrespect us and disregard us. Black women are pitted against each other using colorist tactics, and because there are only a hand full of opportunities for Black women to thrive it puts us in a constant state of competition. This makes me sad, deeply upset and so the best way to address this in a healthy way is to write a song about it.

So I wrote a song I don't support everybody. First verse talks about why I don't support everybody white, and why I don't support everybody that is black. The song is acapella with beautiful harmonies arranged in a way that makes you feel like there is music supporting the vocals. I would love to created a stellar visualization for this song. As an artist, this is how I heal, this is how I give voice to the times, this is apart of my activism and for that, I would greatly appreciate your support.

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